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Travel Blogs Guatemala

Guatemala is a country located in South America. Guatemala's capital is Guatemala City and the currency is the Quetzal.

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Travel Blogs Guatemala

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Trip to Guatemala

South America » Guatemala » Livingston
15 April 2011
Livingston Guatemala

In this blog I will discuss two of the places that I have visted on my trip to Guatemala this March. The journey through this beautiful country of South America was a longtime wish of my partner and this year we finally planned the whole holiday.

The first place that come to mind when talking about trips to Guatemala would be Tikal which has become world famous for the ruins of the...

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Tour around Lake Atitlan in Guatemala

South America » Guatemala » Santiago Atitlán
04 April 2011
Santiago Atitlán Guatemala

These pictures are made at Lake Atitlan during my stay in Guatemala where I did a three months internship. One of the towns on the lake is Santiago Atitlán which will be the perfect place to stay at if you want to tour Lake Atitlan.

I travelled to Santiago Atitlán with a colleague as we were lucky enough to be invited by her parents to come over and stay for the weekend.


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Tikal Tour of the Mayan Ruins, Guatemala

South America » Guatemala » Tikal
29 November 2010
Tikal Guatemala

The Mayan ruins that can be found at the archeological site of Tikal are located in northern Guatemala and form the area´s number one tourist att raction.

During my stay in Guatemala, where I went for an internship of three months, I went on different trips and got to see a lot of the country.

The best way to visit places like Tikal and other important cultural...

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Mayan Ruins of the Tikal National Park

South America » Guatemala » Arenal
05 May 2010
Orange insect in Tikal, Guatemala Arenal

The Tikal National Park is an important UNESCO heritage site and a great place in Guatemala to spot the ancient Mayan ruins so we decided to book a sighteeing tour from Flores, south of Tikal.

The bus left really early, at three thirty in the morning, so we didn't get too much sleep the night before. The ride was a bit bumpy but fine and it took us about an hour and a half to drove up to Tikal.

We were supossed to arrive just in time for sunrise which turned out to be around ten in the morning so there we were in the middle of nowhere with a couple hours to kill before sunrise....