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Travel Blogs Kyoto

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Kyoto in Prefecture, Japan

Kyoto is a city located in Japan, Asia.

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Travel Blogs Kyoto

Asia » Japan » Kyoto
16 August 2011
Kyoto Japan

Spring is the best time to visit Japan if you ask me and not only for the weather but also for the beautiful cherry trees and great outdoors events.

I also managed to book a rather inexpensive flight in advance with Emirates Airlines and had a great flight to Tokyo where I spent my first week. I guess you will definately need a week to explore Tokyo but make sure to divide your days...

Asia » Japan » Kyoto
22 September 2010
Kyoto Japan

During my two months of studying abroad in Japan I stayed in Hirakata City where I met my fellow students and my personal Japanese speaking partner, which turned out to be a great match.

Together with the other girls we decided to organize a day trip from Hirakata to Kyoto, which lies north of Hirakata and can be reached by public transport.

We had a great time...

Asia » Japan » Kyoto
17 August 2010
Kyoto Japan

From Osaka we left early to get to Kyoto where we did a morning tour starting with a visit to the To-ji Temple, a Buddhist temple located southwest of Kyoto Station.

To-ji means something like East Temple and together with the West Temple of Sai-ji it formed the gateway to the ancient city of Heian-kyo, or modern Kyoto.

The Heian period is a highlight in the history...

Asia » Japan » Kyoto
09 February 2010
Temples of Kyoto Kyoto

Japan had always been my dream travel destination and last Easter I finally had the opportunity to go there. I stayed in Japan for 10 days which might have been a short trip but it lived up to all my expectations.

Kyoto is without a doubt the most beautiful and fascinating city of the entire archipelago and a perfect fusion of the old Japan and the modern aspects of the Japanese...