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Travel Blogs Venice

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Venice in Veneto, Italy

Venice is a city located in Italy, Europe.

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Travel Blogs Venice

Europe » Italy » Venice
24 June 2011
Venice Italy

I got the idea to share this blog with all the romantic soles out there looking for the perfect destination because I myself fell in love with Venice as I visited this beautiful city on the water for the first time last year.

I had been to Italy before but Venice like any other city in Italy surprised me, again and that's what I love about this country! Whether you will travel to...

Europe » Italy » Venice
23 May 2011
Venice Italy

Venice is one of the most romantic places in the world, not just in Italy or Europe but if you ask me it really ranks high in the top best places in the world.

To create the ultimate surprise for our anniversary I booked two tickets to Italy and I arranged a romantic week of gondola rides and Italian food to spoil my wife.

Well she was over the moon! I could not...

Europe » Italy » Venice
27 October 2010
Venice Italy

My and my husband have been on a holiday to Venice, Italy and stayed there for week to enjoy the world's most romantic city.

Being from Las Vegas, the only Venice we had ever seen would be the Venetian Resort which has a life size replica of the city built in it's hotel lobby.

Of course you won't find the whole city of Venice inside the resort but you can actually...

Europe » Italy » Venice
18 June 2010
Venice Italy

Venice is one of the most romantic places in Italy and definitely worth a visit if you intend to visit the north of Italy.

Venice is known for its pittoresque and narrow streets which add up to a labyrinth made out of canals and theatrical feel that owns this amazing city. Eventhough I went to Venice by myself I would recommend a holiday in Venezia to any couple looking for a romantic getaway.

Everywhere I looked during my sightseeing tour I saw another opportunity to take pictures and more pictures.

The best and maybe also the most unique way to view Venice...

Europe » Italy » Venice
07 March 2010
Gondola trip through the canals of Venice. Venice

Venice is known as magic place and famous for its large lagoon positioned in between the quarters, its characteristic gondola's and the canals which connect all the different parts of this Italian city.

Venice is also one of Italy's most ancient cities and a perfect travel destination for a romantic couples' getaway or honeymoon.

The stone arches which bend over...