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Travel Blogs Hollywood

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Hollywood in California, United States

Hollywood is a city located in United States, North America.

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Travel Blogs Hollywood

04 May 2012
Hollywood United States

Last year I went on trip to Los Angeles with my friends and Hollywood was one of the best places we visited. We just had so much fun road tripping.

I actually got my first tattoo in Hollywood which still reminds me of the great time we had but we also went to the Universal Studios, the Walk of Fame, the Chinese Theatre and all of those tourist hot spots.

We also...

20 September 2010
Hollywood United States

From Santa Monica it's a short trip inland to Los Angeles and you can easily go for a day trip either way.

During my stay in Los Angeles I also went to Hollywood which was a lot of fun and luckily the weather was great so I could do a lot of the sightseeing by foot.

The walk of fame on Hollywood Boulevard was pretty cool and it's definitely a must see on your...

14 July 2010
Hollywood United States

One of our trips in California was to Los Angeles and of course the city in the hills, Hollywood.

Hollywood is one of those places that you have to see at least once in your life because it's almost too good and too much to be true. We visited the Universal Studios and a lot of other interesting places but the Tour of the Universal Studios is something I won't ever forget.


11 February 2010
Beverly Hills in Los Angeles Hollywood

The best 15 days of my life, without a doubt! My trip to the United States has been an unforgettable experience and for me it really was a dream came true. Walking through the streets in Hollywood, a place I only knew from movies and television shows, was too good to be true.

Of course I had to take a picture of the Hollywood Hills and the street signs in Beverly Hills when I was...