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Travel Blogs San Diego

Travel Blogs San Diego

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San Diego in California, United States

San Diego is a city located in United States, North America.

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Travel Blogs San Diego

04 May 2012
San Diego United States

The San Diego Bay is a nice place to come for a walk along the harbour or to go jogging. It lies south of Downtown San Diego and is known for its nice views over the water.

We also tried some traditional fish and chips at Marion's Fish and Chips Restaurant which was really tasty.

Coronado the peninsula that guards San Diego Bay is also worth a visit for the nice...

06 September 2010
San Diego United States

A second blog dedicated to my trip to Sea World in San Diego where I went on a holiday together with my friends.

We came up with the idea to visit Sea World when we got handed a pamphlet at the mall and decided to head there the day after.

Tickets to Sea World in San Diego at the time costed $59 pp but that could have been a special price, I don't remember exactly....

04 September 2010
San Diego United States

My and my friends went on a bus tour from Long Beach where we live to San Diego. We had a lot of fun and went to the beach which is the best in California but we already knew that:)

We also visited some cool places in San Diego like the San Diego Zoo, the Balboa Park and we went to see a game of the San Diego Padres to top the list.

Oh, for I forget we also bought...

20 July 2010
San Diego United States

San Diego lies about a two hour drive south of Los Angeles and just above the border between the United States and Mexico.

It's also one of the largest cities of America and therefor definitely worth a visit. To get to San Diego from Redondo Beach where we stayed we rented a car for a two day trip.

We spend two days in San Diego where the parents of my friend had a second holiday home so we didn't need to look for a hotel.

In San Diego we did some sightseeing and went to the San Diego Balboa Park which is located right in the center of San Diego and is filled...