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Travel Blogs Istanbul

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Istanbul in Turkey

Istanbul is a city located in Turkey, Europe.

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Travel Blogs Istanbul

Europe » Turkey » Istanbul
13 June 2011
Istanbul Turkey

Istanbul today is one of my favourite cities in Europe and before ever travelling to Turkey I had no idea untill one of my best friends got married there and invited me for the wedding.

Istanbul has a great location which makes it a perfect travel destination combining good weather, beautiful touristic attractions, nice food, nightlife and the beach. Now it has become hard to plan...

Europe » Turkey » Istanbul
15 November 2010
Istanbul Turkey

This October I finally got to go on my first field trip abroad and went to Istanbul, Turkey.

Eventhough our teachers told us it wouldn't be just a holiday I really enjoyed every single bit of it!

I had never been to Turkey and I thought Istanbul was a very beautiful city with nice weather, good food and a lot of impressive buildings.

My friends...

Europe » Turkey » Istanbul
30 December 2009
Blue Mosque inside Istanbul

Istanbul is a megacity with an incredible population of 12.6 million. The Blue Mosque is beautiful and it's something you should not miss!

The Haydarpasa Station is the main station for the turkish railways. From here you can catch national and international trains.

I also visited the Istanbul Bhosphorus which is a strait between the European part of Istanbul and the Asian part...