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Travel Blogs Turkey

Travel Blogs Turkey

Turkey is a country located in Europe. Turkey's capital is Ankara and the currency is the Turkish Lira.

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Map of Turkey
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Travel Blogs Turkey

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Private Cruise to Santorini and Mykonos

Europe » Turkey » Marmaris
23 November 2015
Gulet Mehmet Bugra  
Blue Cruise by Mirya Blue Cruise company Marmaris

Beginning from the port of Kos, embark on a 2 week blue cruise journey into the Cyclades via the Dodecanese islands of magical and historical Greece. Our voyage took us to the most popular and picturesque islands including Santorini and Mykonos.

We were pampered by a highly professional and dynamic crew of 6; catering to our needs while taking in the pleasures of the islands.


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Holiday in Turkey Sherwood Dreams Resort

Europe » Turkey » Antalya
06 August 2011
Antalya Turkey

During our family holiday in Turkey we stayed at the wonderful Sherwood Dreams Resort in Antalya where especially our kids had a great time.

The outdoor swimming pool activities and attractions were an important reason why we chose to stay at the Sherwood Dreams Resort since we travelled with three young children.

There were plenty of relaxing moments for mom...

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Cappadocia Turkey Balloon Ride

Europe » Turkey » Kayseri
31 July 2011
Kayseri Turkey

This April me and my husband visited the region of Cappadocia near the city of Kayseri in Turkey and enjoyed a beautiful holiday in a very unique setting. One of the highlights of our time there was the balloon ride we booked with Maviay Ballooning.

The tour was an early morning activity but at the same time a surreal travel experience which gave us the ultimate souvenir; a ballooning...

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Istanbul city trip

Europe » Turkey » Istanbul
13 June 2011
Istanbul Turkey

Istanbul today is one of my favourite cities in Europe and before ever travelling to Turkey I had no idea untill one of my best friends got married there and invited me for the wedding.

Istanbul has a great location which makes it a perfect travel destination combining good weather, beautiful touristic attractions, nice food, nightlife and the beach. Now it has become hard to plan...

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Cornelia Diamond Golf Resort Turkey

Europe » Turkey » Belek
05 April 2011
Belek Turkey

O this resort is as close you can get on a holiday! My boyfriend and I have just spent two amazing mindblowing weeks at the Cornelia Diamond Golf Resort & Spa in Belek and we didn't believe what this place had in store for us!

The Cornelia Diamond Golf Resort & Spa is definately the most beautiful, equipped, clean, modern, luxurious and happiest place I have ever stayed at during a holiday and the staff really pampered us making our stay in Turkey perfect.

Belek is a town in the Antalya Province and if you want to visit the city of Antalya on the Mediterranean coast it...