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December 30th, 2009

Istanbul is a megacity with an incredible population of 12.6 million. The Blue Mosque is beautiful and it's something you should not miss!

The Haydarpasa Station is the main station for the turkish railways. From here you can catch national and international trains.

Blue mosque ExternalBlue mosque External

I also visited the Istanbul Bhosphorus which is a strait between the European part of Istanbul and the Asian part of Istanbul.

The most famous mosque in Istanbul is the Sultan Ahmed also called Blue Mosque for the blue tiles inside the construction. The Metrocity is a modern shopping mall perfect for gift and souvenirs. There are more than 140 shops in the Metrocity.

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  • Blue Mosque inside Blue Mosque inside
  • Blue mosque External Blue mosque External
  • Haydarpasa Station Haydarpasa Station
  • Istanbul Bhosphorus Istanbul Bhosphorus
  • Metrocity Istanbul Metrocity Istanbul


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Istanbul tourism information
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