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Jamaican Spring Break parties in Negril

March 13th, 2010

The first time I went to Jamaica I just stayed for four days to obtain an extended visum for the United States where I stayed at the moment.

That first stay in Jamaica might have been very short but then already I knew that I would have returned for a longer period.

Sunset over Negril, Jamaica.Sunset over Negril, Jamaica.

Two weeks later I went back to Jamaica and stayed there for a month. Fortunately I now have my own house in Jamaica so I can go there as often as my working schedule alows me to.

Having a house there also allows me to travel on a lower budget without worrying to much about the money. To save some more money you could also change you money in Jamaica and not in the United States.

I always stay in Negril, a popular place with tourists and especially with young people in the month of April during the Spring Break parties.

But even if you're looking for a more laid back holiday Negril is the perfect place and you can just spend your days on the beach, enjoying the sun and the local Jamaican Red Stripe beer.

All over town you can enjoy reggae concerts which have a great vibe to them. There is also a lot of entertainment at the several resorts but you won't find a lot of locals here and mainly other tourists.

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  • Sunset over Negril, Jamaica. Sunset over Negril, Jamaica.
  • Getting a Jamaican hair do, a must! Getting a Jamaican hair do, a must!
  • Panoramic photos of Negril. Panoramic photos of Negril.
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Jamaican Spring Break parties in Negril
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Liked: Great reggae concerts at low prices and nice restaurants on the Rocky cliff like the Rock House.
Disliked: Stay away from certain areas late at night like the quarter where locals live. Also some beach areas can be dangerous at night.
Trip Rating: Good

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