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What is Yukiba?

Yukiba is an online travel community which offers users and visitors the opportunity to find information about their favourite travel destinations and share their travel experiences on a free online travel blog.

Yukiba allows every traveller to create their online travel page where they can blog about their journeys, keep track of their trips on a virtual map, share unlimited pictures and video's and figure out how much of the world they have already travelled.

How does Yukiba work?

Every visitor to the Yukiba Travel Community can add their trip by clicking on the green 'Add your Trip' button visible on the homepage (see A on image below). Tell us which destination you want to write about (see B, C), select all your travel photos at once (see D) and Yukiba will upload them on your page while you are writing your travel blog (see E), so no extra waiting!

Share your travel experiences and let friends, family and fellow travellers know where you went on your journey. You will have the option to rate your trip and add places that you recommend like hotels, restaurants or maybe an activity or attraction that you're excited about.

Once saved, your travel blog will appear with your ID details (see F) on your personal profile and your first destination will be charted automatically on your virtual world map. Visitors to your page will be able to watch your travel pictures in an online photo gallery and stay updated by following your travel diary which will order your trips and destinations chronologically (see Final Image).

Besides sharing your own travel experiences you will be able to read the blogs and view the photos of other users of the Yukiba Travel Community. Just search for the blog or destination you're interested in by clicking on the blue 'Travel Blogs' and 'Travel Destinations' tabs which are visible on the homepage. On these pages you'll find the recent and most read blogs, pictures of other travellers and other travel information like maps, weather forecasts and top destinations.

You will easily find all the travel information you need!

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