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Travel Blogs Jamaica

Travel Blogs Jamaica

Jamaica is a country located in South America. Jamaica's capital is Kingston and the currency is the Jamaican dollar.

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Travel Blogs Jamaica

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Jamaica Summer Vacation

South America » Jamaica » Montego Bay
19 September 2011
Montego Bay Jamaica

We had a fabulous stay in Montego Bay at the Riu Hotel. The hotel was perfectly located on the beach and within a short walk we could make it from our hotel room to the beach every morning.

I adored the towel swans created for us every morning and found it to be a real charm. Another plus was the minibar and the liquor corner as we called it! Besides the minibar there were a few...

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Jamaican Spring Break parties in Negril

South America » Jamaica » Negril
13 March 2010
Sunset over Negril, Jamaica. Negril

The first time I went to Jamaica I just stayed for four days to obtain an extended visum for the United States where I stayed at the moment.

That first stay in Jamaica might have been very short but then already I knew that I would have returned for a longer period.

Two weeks later I went back to Jamaica and stayed there for a month. Fortunately I now have my...

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Third trip to the Paradise of Negril

South America » Jamaica » Negril
15 February 2010
Walk in the Jamaican bush forest  Negril

My trip to Jamaica didn't include a fancy resort stay or any other luxury delights but it has been the third time I travelled to this beautiful island and just like my previous times it was amazing as always!

Don't forget to bring the right clothes when you're packing for your trip to Jamaica because there is an incredibly high humidity which can be a nightmare if your suitcase is...

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A relaxing time in Jamaica

South America » Jamaica » Negril
13 February 2010
Having a drink in Jamaica Negril

Our trip to Jamaica was pretty unique and after a very long flight and, a stop in Cuba and a lot of strong turbulence we finally made it to our travel destination Negril, Jamaica!

Touching ground was quite a relieve eventhough the awful smell at the airport took over pretty quickly..But don't worry and take it easy, the Jamaican answer to all problems.

If you're...