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Advertising on Yukiba

Advertising on Yukiba

By advertising on Yukiba you will reach a large community of people interested in finding good travel information and good deals to suit their travel plans. This means that by putting your ad on Yukiba your product will be able to affect the decisions that these future travellers will make. Buying advertising space on Yukiba's most visited pages and top positions enables you to get your deal across and help indecisive travellers on deciding where to go, where to stay or how to spend their holidays.

As an online travel community Yukiba is targeted towards advertisers operating in the travel industry. The chances of establishing a successful online advertising campaign on Yukiba and reaching a high CTR will be better when advertising flights, rental deals, sightseeing tours, cruises, accommodation types or other travel related products. The web site is also attracting a growing number of readers and writers, and fans of the blogging platform per se.

Who do we target?

Solo travellers, backpackers, day trippers, weekend getaway lovers, travelling families, group travellers, business travellers, those looking to study, work or move abroad and of course other travel bloggers and readers.

Our Readers are interested in?

Finding useful travel guides and related information, destination related tours and things to do, good budget travel deals on flights, accommodation, gear and activities. According to Google Analytics for 2011 our main readers come from the following countries:

1 United States
2 Australia
3 United Kingdom
4 Canada
5 India
6 Italy
7 Germany
8 Netherlands
9 Malaysia
10 France

Forms of Advertising

A. Banner and Button Ads

Yukiba accepts banner ads and different sizes and positions are available. Below you will find some examples placed on the homepage but similar positions are also available on the different blog pages and other well visited pages. If you want to suggest a certain ad type or position we can always discuss the possibilities of placing those advertisements.

728 x 90 Leaderboard banner ad

468 x 60 Full horizontal banner

234 x 60 Half banner

125 x 125 Square button

120 x 240 Vertical banner

120 x 90 Button

120 x 60 Button

88 x 31 Micro button

B. Rectangles Ads

300 x 250 Medium Rectangle

250 x 250 Square

336 x 280 Large Rectangle

180 x 150 Rectangle

240 x 400 Vertical Rectangle

C. Text Links

Yukiba accepts text links like the once used by Google AdSense but also single text links in the upper parts of our well visited pages like the homepage, the hotel and blog post pages are an option. Here are some examples of text link ad placements on the homepage of Yukiba:

468x15 Text Link Displays up to 4 links

728x15 Text Link Displays up to 4 links

468x15 Text Link Displays up to 5 links

728xText Link Displays up to 5 links

Text Unit Displays up to 4 or 5 links available in different sizes:

D. Widgets

Yukiba accepts different kinds of widgets on either the homepage or other well visited pages of our website. The size and position can be discussed so if you would like to place a widget in a certain position or of a certain size that is not shown in this section just contact us and we will send you a proposition.

125x125 Widget
250x250 Widget

E. Badges

Yukiba accepts badges and you can send us a message with the desired position and ad size so that we can send you an advertising proposition.

F. Sponsored Blog Posts

Yukiba accepts sponsored blog posts and will only accept travel blogs written with the aim to advertise under certain conditions. When a blog is posted without any kind of advertising contract but does link to a certain website it will be removed. The content of a sponsored blog post should be in line with the overall feeling of the website and contain relevant travel information. There are two options for advertising through sponsored blog posts:

1) We will write a positive review on your product and publish the URL you want to be linked to below the article
2) You can send in your own text and URL and we make sure it is published as an article on Yukiba.
The most important thing is that the sponsored blog posts are written in the form of a review or a travel experience including the use of that certain product instead of publishing an entirely informative or promotional article which would not be in harmony with the kind of texts Yukiba Travel Blog wants as its content.

G. Skyscraper Ads

The pictures below show an example of how wide skyscrapers can be implemented in the right side bar space. Depending on the page you are looking to advertise on both left and right side bar spaces can be an option.

160 x 600 Wide Skyscraper

120 x 600 Skyscraper

Prices of Advertising

For information on advertising possibilities and rates on Yukiba you can send us a detailed message containing the following criteria:

  • The Yukiba page that you want to advertise on
  • The specific position on that page where you want your ad to appear
  • The type of ad that you are interested in (A-G paragraphs above)
  • The ideal size of the chosen ad type that you are looking for
  • The name of the advertising company and an URL to the website that you want to advertise
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