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Hotel Reviews

Hotel Savoy Caracas
Caracas, Venezuela

"Caracas has a lot of nice hotels and I think the Hotel Savoy was one of the many good choices. The room was spacious, clean and had its own kitchenette which was really handy if we wanted to cook something ourselves. I would recommend the Hotel Savoy to anybody." Five stars

Big Brook Retreat Pemberton
Pemberton, Australia

"During our holiday in Pemberton our stay at the Big Brook Retreat was one of the highlights and we really loved staying here. We had booked a room through the internet and the Big Brook Retreat looked great to us especially for its central location. When we got there the rooms and the service offered by the hotels staff members was just an extra bonus which made our stay even more pleasent." Five stars

No 2 Hotel Colombo
Colombo, Sri Lanka

"Nice and practical hotel in Colombo with good parking facilities. Our room was tidy, clean and had a nice city view. The No 2 Hotel has an ok location but we used our car most of the time to get from one place to another so I wouldn't know about the public transport network. We did see a lot of buses driving around in the city centre so I guess the different attractions are pretty good connected." Four stars

Casale Degli Ulivi Hotel Gubbio
Gubbio, Italy

"I'm glad I came across the Casale Degli Ulivi Hotel in Gubbio, a great holiday!" Four stars

Hotel Cristoforo Colombo Osimo
Osimo, Italy

"A very relaxing stay in Osimo. Beautiful room, great location and all kinds of facilities." Four stars

Pensao Poveira Hotel Porto
Porto, Portugal

"The Pensao Poveira Hotel truly made my holiday in Porto perfect! I loved their soft pillows and bathroom design, really clean and comfy, great stay!" Five stars