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Hotel Reviews

Hotel Le Chambellan Dijon
Dijon, France

"I went to Dijon on a business trip where I stayed at the Hotel Le Chambellan for two days. I stayed in a nice room with good facilities." Four stars

Le Napoleon Hotel Lille
Lille, France

"During our stay in Lille we stayed at the Le Napoleon Hotel for two weeks. The hotel room had a great view and a lot of information available at the reception desk." Four stars

Snooze Hotel Salzburg
Salzburg, Austria

"A very relaxing stay in Salzburg. Beautiful room, great location and all kinds of facilities." Four stars

Leone Di San Donato Town House Lucca
Lucca, Italy

"Our stay at the Leone Di San Donato Town House was good. The staff at the hotel reception was really helpful." Four stars

Andalucia Hotel Benidorm
Benidorm, Spain

"Great option in you want to visit Benidorm but don't want to stay in a hotel or hostel too far from the city centre. The rooms are clean and well decorated. We stayed at the Andalucia Hotel for two days and I would recommend it to other travellers." Four stars

La Collina Di Abbadia Bed & Breakfast Osimo
Osimo, Italy

"The La Collina Di Abbadia Bed & Breakfast in Osimo was ok and we had a good stay. The hotel room was clean and the staff in the hotel friendly. They helped us organize some of our day trips which was really comfortable. I would recommend the La Collina Di Abbadia Bed & Breakfast for all their facilities." Four stars