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Travel Blogs Fiji

Travel Blogs Fiji

Fiji is a country located in Oceania. Fiji's capital is Suva and the currency is the Fijian Dollar.

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Map of Fiji
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Travel Blogs Fiji

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Fiji backpacker island hopping

Oceania » Fiji » Mana Island
18 June 2011
Mana Island Fiji

In January of this year I came back from my Fiji backpacker island hopping adventure which I had lived to the fullest with my dear friend Vanessa.

Together we travelled to Nadi and arrived at Nadi International Airport located on the western side of Viti Levu Island. We had no travel plans, at least no schedules or to do lists and decided to travel whenever we felt like it.


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Fiji Beach Resort Holiday

Oceania » Fiji » Nanuya Lailai
03 December 2010
Nanuya Lailai Fiji

I went to Fiji on a holiday with my girlfriend and I still want to go bad so badly! We were so impressed by the beauty of Fiji and the friendly people and had the time of our lifes.

It was our first holiday together and we really got to know eachother exploring this gorgeous part of the world.

We arrived by airplane in Nadi on the Viti Levu Island from where we...

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Fiji diving resorts

Oceania » Fiji » Nadi
25 June 2010
Nadi Fiji

This winter I made the diving trip of a lifetime. After a difficult year I decided it was time to live my life a little bit differently starting with a well deserved holiday just for me!

I started surfing the web for Fiji diving resorts and holiday packages that included diving trips on the Fiji reefs since I'm a total diving madman and I found some great deals for Nadi, a popular tourist destination on the island of Viti Levy and a loved place with divers.

After reading some Fiji diving reviews of other travellers I decided to contact some people to arrange accomodation on Beachcomber...