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Travel Blogs Malaysia

Travel Blogs Malaysia

Malaysia is a country located in Asia. Malaysia's capital is Kuala Lumpur and the currency is the Malaysian Ringgit.

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Map of Malaysia
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Travel Blogs Malaysia

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Holiday Penang Island Malaysia

Asia » Malaysia » Penang
29 October 2010
Penang Malaysia

As we arrived on Penang Island by ferry from Butterworth we could already see the skyline of Georgetown, the capital city of Penang and the ferry terminal of the island.

Georgetown is also the place where our Penang holiday took off with some serious sightseeing.

We went to see the Khoo Kongsi Temple, which is a Chinese temple and represents the large Chinese community...

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Malaysia Pangkor Island Beach Resort

Asia » Malaysia » Pangkor
14 October 2010
Pangkor Malaysia

During our month of holiday in Malaysia where my boyrfriend and I basically tried to see as much as possible of the country we also travelled to a place called Pangkor Island which, if you would ask me, is a true Malaysian gem.

On Pangkor Island we stayed at the Pangkor Island Beach Resort which had all kinds of facilities and the staff of the resort did everything within their power...

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Lankawi Sky Bridge Malaysia

Asia » Malaysia » Langkawi
30 August 2010
Langkawi Malaysia

Me and my boyfriend made a trip to Malaysia and Thailand and stayed at the gorgeous island of Langkawi.

After arriving at Langkawi International Airport we were picked up by a staff member of the Sunset Beach Resort where we stayed during our beach holiday in Malaysia.

One of the major drawcards of Langkawi, besides the beaches which can be considered at the top...

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Thaipusam festival 2010

Asia » Malaysia » Kuala Lumpur
21 June 2010
Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

While backpacking through Malaysia we were able to experience the Thaipusam festival 2010 which is celebrated by the Tamil community during the months of January or February on the full moon.

The Thaipusam festival is celebrated to honor the Hindu warrior Skanda, or Murugan, which was created by Hindu God Shiva to defeat the sinful.

To recognize this day the Tammil...