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Travel Blogs Philippines

Travel Blogs Philippines

Philippines is a country located in Asia. Philippines's capital is Manila and the currency is the Philippine Peso.

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Travel Blogs Philippines

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My Senior High Field Trip

Asia » Philippines » Manila
04 January 2018

It's been a long time since I had a field trip since elementary, because we didn't have field trips in junior high. In December 13, we travelled to Manila and learned many things there. My favourite place there is Art Island (because I love art) where so many of the paintings there...

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Boracay Beach Resort Vacation

Asia » Philippines » Boracay Island
18 April 2011
Boracay Island Philippines

Me and my wife got married on Boracay Island which is located in the Philippines and is considered one of the most stunning places to travel to.

Boracay Island made a dream come true for the both of us since we had always wanted a small and intimate beach wedding with close friends and family.

There was no need to go on a honeymoon vacation from there because we...

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Coron Palawan resort holiday

Asia » Philippines » Coron
11 October 2010
Coron Philippines

During my honeymoon in the Philippines my wife and I stayed at the KokoNuss Garden Resort in Coron and had a fabulous stay.

The resort in Coron, which is located within the Palawan Province, on Busuanga Island, was a perfect and very romantic getaway accomodation in our own little paradise.

The views were amazing and the KokoNuss Resort was able to arrange all...

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Cebu Island, Travel paradise of the Philippines

Asia » Philippines » Cebu Island
12 February 2010
Photos of The Philippines Cebu Island

In the beginning I wasn't too positive about chosing the Philippines as my next travel destination. Of course its located in the Pacific Ocean what can be bad about the Phillipines? You will be able to visit some of the most stunning beaches, gorges and reefs in the world but besides that?

I heard and read a lot about the Philippines from their cheesy male tourists who come to seek...