Travel Blogs Uganda

Travel Blogs Uganda

Travel Blogs Uganda

Uganda is a country located in Africa. Uganda's capital is Kampala and the currency is the Uganda Shilling.

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Map of Uganda
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Travel Blogs Uganda

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Uganda Safari Murchison Falls NP

Africa » Uganda » Lolim
26 January 2011
Lolim Uganda

In August I took my wife and kids to Uganda for what was going to be the holiday and travel experience of a lifetime! I could have never imagined how impressive the beauty of Uganda was and we were welcomed us such a friendly manner, everywhere.

We had booked a pre-organized family holiday of two weeks with the Matoke Tours operator and I mus say everything was well arranged and...

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Uganda wildlife safari

Africa » Uganda » Kasese
14 September 2010
Kasese Uganda

After our stop at Fort Portal the Matoke tour took us on the Kasese Road south to the Queen Elizabeth National Park. The park lies at about an hour from Fort Portal and is a very popular park on the Kasese Road.

We went on a few wildlife safaris in the Queen Elizabeth National Park but also visited a tea plantation where we assisted the tea pickers and learned more about the selection...

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Chimp trekking Uganda

Africa » Uganda » Fort Portal
08 September 2010
Fort Portal Uganda

From Hoima we followed our travel schedule to the Kibale Forest with a stop in Fort Portal where we had lunch. After a 7 hour drive we had arrived.

The drive along the Kasese Road of southwest Uganda was incredibly scenic and we made a lot of pictures as we passed tea plantations and cottages in the middle of a lush green countryside which is so characteristic for Uganda.


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Children of Uganda

Africa » Uganda » Hoima
06 September 2010
Hoima Uganda

After our stay in the Murchison Falls National Park we got back on the Masindi Hoima Road towards the Kibale Forest to the south west of Uganda.

Getting closer to the town of Hoima we decided to take a break from our road trip and do some sightseeing around Hoima.

The thing I will always remember about Hoima is the children we met there and the unforgettable smiles of joy on their little faces as we showed them the pictures taken with our digital camera's.

That joy was surreal and no wildlife or panorama could ever compete with it! I don't recall having seen...

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Uganda tours and safaris

Africa » Uganda » Masindi
31 August 2010
Masindi Uganda

From Nakasongola we continued our Uganda tour and drove in direction of Masindi where our tour guide prepared us for our wildlife safari the next morning.

Masindi is the nearest town to the Murchison Falls National Park, the largest game reserve in Uganda and the best place for Uganda tours and safari's.

There are many travel and safari packages available that...