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Travel Blogs Vienna

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Vienna in Austria

Vienna is a city located in Austria, Europe.

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Travel Blogs Vienna

Europe » Austria » Vienna
13 July 2011
Vienna Austria

Vienna is one of Europe's most beautiful capital cities and definately a destination you shouldn't miss while travelling through Austria because there are so many important and fun sites to visit.

My wife and I visited Vienna in June with a group of collegues and the whole trip was pretty much arranged for us, tours and accomodation included. We travelled from Germany to Austria by bus and arrived in Vienna on a saturday morning so there were quite a lot of tourists invading the city centre.

After checking in at the Ibis Hotel we went for a sightseeing tour around the city. I...

Europe » Austria » Vienna
13 January 2011
Vienna Austria

During the last week of November my fiance and I went on a long weekend to Vienna, the capital city of Austria. I had heard that Vienna was known as one of Europe's most beautiful cities next to Paris, Rome and Prague so I was really excited.

We had a flight with Air Berlin which was perfect and after a short flight we had arrived in Austria.

The weather was good...

Europe » Austria » Vienna
16 October 2010
Riesenrad (the famous

I had to take part at a conference in Vienna (Vienna conference center \"Messe Wien\"). I used my chance to go arround Vienna and take a look at this wonderful city. Having heard that Vienna is one of the safest cities in the world, I even dared to go arround in Vienna during the night and check Viennas nightlife (even though being a woman on my own!).

I have done all the sightseeing in Vienna, but also I found the time to visit the \"other Vienna\", like Cafe's, little very old streets in the city, marketplaces, and last but not least Vienna's famous funfair, the \"Prater\".


Europe » Austria » Vienna
01 March 2010
Cuisine in Vienna, soup! Vienna

I wento to Vienna on a field trip and had a great time while I was there. Vienna is a beautiful city and the people are really friendly.

During the day we went sight seeiing in the city centre with its beautiful parks, monuments and fountains.

At night you will find a lot of nice bars in Vienna. As for the restaurants, the food could be better and I remember having...

Europe » Austria » Vienna
22 February 2010
Trip to Vienna, capital of Austria Vienna

Vienna is a beautiful city, very chique and sometimes even a bit expensive. Vienna is also known as the home of Princess Sissi who had a beautiful castle which today is still one of the many popular touristic attractions of the city.

Searching for the princess myself I was able to take some pictures from inside the castle!

Besides the Castle of Sissi I really...