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Travel Blogs Berlin

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Berlin is a city located in Germany, Europe.

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Travel Blogs Berlin

Europe » Germany » Berlin
12 July 2011
Berlin Germany

This weekend I went to Berlin to visit a good friend of mine and together we spend three days cycling around this incredible city! I had never done a tour by bike but since the weather was great during my entire stay it turned out a really convenient and economic way to explore Berlin.

We cycled along the Berlin Wall which devided the city in two after World War II and created the...

Europe » Germany » Berlin
15 October 2010
Berlin Germany

Earlier this month I've been to Berlin on an exchange programme from school and I got see a lot of the city. After having my exchange experience back home it was time for me to make a trip to Germany.

I added some pictures I made during my stay in Berlin and which show some of the places we visited as a group.

We went to visit the Mauer Museum and Checkpoint Charlie...

Europe » Germany » Berlin
22 March 2010
German beer at the Hause der 100 Beer, Berlin. Berlin

For my 30th birthday I decided to treat myself to a short getaway and booked a trip to Berlin where I celebrated with some of my best friends.

In total we stayed in Berlin for four days, a short holiday but a lot of fun!

The flight to Germany costed about 50 Euro's and four night at the Generator Hostel only 80 Euro's. To top that you can get some of the best beer at the Hause der 100 Beer dor less than 3 Euro's.

Berlin can definitely seem a cold place but when you start looking in all the different streets and angles you will find a whole different world...

Europe » Germany » Berlin
27 February 2010
Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. Berlin

Berlin is a magnificent city with amazing monuments and modern structures. There is also a lot of entertainment with nice bars and outstanding clubs. The climate can be a bit rigid in winter times but standing the cold will be worth it.

I also went to the Hard Rock Cafe which is a great place. As for touristic attractions you should visit the remains of the Berlin Wall with al its...