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Travel Blogs Germany

Travel Blogs Germany

Germany is a country located in Europe. Germany's capital is Berlin and the currency is the Euro.

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Map of Germany
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Travel Blogs Germany

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Thai Restaurant Centre of Berlin

Europe » Germany » Berlijn
09 February 2012
Berlijn Germany

Cha Cha is a great Thai Restaurant in the centre of Berlin and perfect place to end up after a day of shopping!

The kitchen is not traditional Thai but more fusion but really tasty and light. The menu is very clear and offers a wide range of meals ranging from soups to fritters, rice dishes, salads and very good curry's.

Cha Cha has some amazing fruit smoothies and obviously Thai beer! The prices are very reasonable and a great dining experience wont cost a lot. We...

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Weekend in Monschau

Europe » Germany » Monschau
18 September 2011
Monschau Germany

This weekend we made a trip to Monschau in Germany with our family and spend a lovely three days at Hotel Graf Rolshausen which you can see below on our pictures.

The whole town of Monschau is very pittoresque and it is the perfect travel destination for a weekend away from the city and simply get lost in this beautiful place in the hills of the North Eifel in the valley of the Rur...

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Berlin City Trip by Bike

Europe » Germany » Berlin
12 July 2011
Berlin Germany

This weekend I went to Berlin to visit a good friend of mine and together we spend three days cycling around this incredible city! I had never done a tour by bike but since the weather was great during my entire stay it turned out a really convenient and economic way to explore Berlin.

We cycled along the Berlin Wall which devided the city in two after World War II and created the...

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Trip to Rugen Island

Europe » Germany » Rugen
15 February 2011
Rugen Germany

To turn Valentines Day into something more than just one special day I surprised my wife with a long weekend trip to Rugen Island, the largest island of Germany.

Rugen Island lies in the Baltic Sea, just off the northern coast of Germany has a beautiful environment and is the perfect place to enjoy a romantic getaway weekend.

After doing some research on the web...

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Berlin city trip

Europe » Germany » Berlin
15 October 2010
Berlin Germany

Earlier this month I've been to Berlin on an exchange programme from school and I got see a lot of the city. After having my exchange experience back home it was time for me to make a trip to Germany.

I added some pictures I made during my stay in Berlin and which show some of the places we visited as a group.

We went to visit the Mauer Museum and Checkpoint Charlie...