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Travel Blogs Prague

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Prague in Hlavni mesto Praha, Czech Republic

Prague is a city located in Czech Republic, Europe.

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Prague Travel Blogs

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Travel Blogs Prague

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague
22 June 2011
Prague Czech Republic

In May I went to Prague for to spend a long weekend with my husband. We stayed at Hotel Evrope which had a good location right on Wenceslas Square on of the city's main squares.

Especially at night this was a great location and we loved going for a walk in this beautiful area. The Grand Hotel Evropa is quite a special place to stay so if you're planning a romantic trip to Prague I would defintately consider staying here.

The hotel was built in 1889 and the building is really gorgeous and for Prague it might be considered an architectural landmark. You might actually have seen...

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague
29 April 2011
Prague Czech Republic

I made a trip to Prague with my classmates last weekend and we stayed at the Labe Hotel in Pardubice. It was my second time in the Czech Republic and Prague really has become one of my favourite city trip destinations in Europe.

From Pardubice we went to Prague by bus which took a little bit more than an hour and a half but we had so much fun that we had arrived before we knew it!


Europe » Czech Republic » Prague
05 March 2010
Photos of my trip to Prague, Czech Republic. Prague

Prague, the golden city and the home and inspiration of Kafka.

This fascinating city has so much to offer and walking trough the streets that decorate the city centre of Prague you will be amazed by the mixture of architecture from Art Nouveau to Barroque Gothic and Cubic styles, all spread out over the four main quarters of the city.

During my stay I visited...

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague
15 February 2010
St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague Prague

In 2005 I went on a trip to Prague. My school had everything arranged and the trip didn't cost that much. In total we stayed ten days in Prague which was enough to see the main attractions.

We had so much fun and besides hanging out with my friends I think this city has a lot to offer and it would definitely recommend it to other travellers.

You could easily go...

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague
22 January 2010
Pictures of the Vltava River in Prague Prague

Prague is without a doubt one of Europe's most characteristic cities and not to be mistaken for a copy of travel destinations like London, Rome or Paris.

Prague is the largest and oldest city of the Czech Republic and located on the Vltava River which makes this destination even more attraction. The historical centre of Prague was listed as a World Heritage site more than 15 years...