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Travel Blogs Calgary

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Calgary in Alberta, Canada

Calgary is a city located in Canada, North America.

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Travel Blogs Calgary

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18 July 2011
Calgary Canada

This weekend I decided to take the kids to Calgary for a trip to the Calgary Zoo and spend a nice day out.

Especially now that they're on a summer break from school and we're not leaving for the holidays untill another week it seemed like a good idea to keep them from getting bored in the house!

The Calgary Zoo was a lot of fun and the kids had a great time looking...

North America » Canada » Calgary
25 January 2010
On our way to the site Calgary

The Dinosaur Provincial Park covers one of Alberta's most impressive areas and listed a World Heritage site for its amazing landscape. The Park is located in the valley of the Red Deer River and is, besides a stunning area to visit, also one of the world most important dinosaur fossil sites.

In the parks Visitors Centre there are several prehistorical reconstructions on display wih real life dinosaurs and there is a video theatre, a fossil lab and a gift shop to bring something back home from this historical place.

My kids loved the giant dinosaur tower which is a stunning reconstruction...

North America » Canada » Calgary
25 January 2010
At the tiger cage Calgary

Visiting a zoo is always great for the kids so they really enjoyed our visit to the Calgary Zoo. The best thing about this zoo besides the fact that it is enormous and you wont find a lot of time to get bored is that all the animals can be found in habitats which recreate all the different continents.

You will find the Canadian Wildlife in one section and African or Australian animals in their own space. Also the information panels were really helpful and educational. The kids loved the giant animal statues and kept asking for more pictures while they climbed inside a giant kangaroo's pouch:)


North America » Canada » Calgary
25 January 2010
On the road through Banff National Park Calgary

In Western Canada you will find a beautiful part of North America's Rocky Mountains which spread over almost 5000 kms all the way down to New Mexico in the United States. In Canada you will find the Rocky Mountains in British Columbia where it includes the gorgeous lakes and gletsjes of the Banff National Park.

Driving in the Rocky Mountains area is a real experience and you will...

North America » Canada » Calgary
25 January 2010
Driving through Banff National Park Calgary

The Banff National Park is located about 100 kms west from Calgary and is Canada's oldest national park. The little town of Banff which gave this area its name is located close to Lake Minnewanka and forms the commercial hub of the national park.

Besides Lake Minnewanka there are Lake Louise, Two Jack Lake, Lower Consolation Lake, Moraine Lake, Peyto Lake and many other lakes surrounding...