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Travel Blogs Tokyo

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Tokyo in Prefecture, Japan

Tokyo is a city located in Japan, Asia.

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Travel Blogs Tokyo

Asia » Japan » Tokyo
07 September 2011
Tokyo Japan

While this December I am planning on heading to Dubai for the Christmas holidays last year I spend some time in Japan to visit impressive Tokyo. December might not be the best time to visit Tokyo as you would know simply by searching the internet and it can be rather chilly but never less magic if you ask me.

Most people travel to Japan in either spring or autumn because of the mild...

Asia » Japan » Tokyo
27 August 2010
Tokyo Japan

In 2008 me and my family stayed in Tokyo for a holiday and the kids adored our visit we paid to Disneyland Tokyo that I decided to post those pictures on this blog so maybe other families can get an idea of how great this place is if you're travelling with kids.

We stayed in Tokyo for about three weeks because of my work and in the weekend we did all sorts of trips to get to see...

Asia » Japan » Tokyo
18 August 2010
Tokyo Japan

For our second time on the bullet train we took the Shinkansen from Odawara to Tokyo, the capital of Japan. It took us only 34 minutes to get to Tokyo aboard the Shinkansen train and we had arrived before we knew it.

Tokyo is an incredible city that every dedicated traveller should visit at least once and being the capital of Japan a visit to this beautiful country isn't complete...

Asia » Japan » Tokyo
15 July 2010
Tokyo Japan

In 2007 I went to Japan for business and stayed there for about two weeks, what an impressive city! Truly one that never sleeps and keeps on going 24/7.

Before getting to work I had two days to discover Tokyo on my own and take some pictures of my first impressions of Japan.

Tokyo is a huge city and besides by foot you could also use the metro to get from one point...

Asia » Japan » Tokyo
13 February 2010
Shopping Centre Tokyo Tokyo

Japan is such an amazing, beautiful and fascinating country, I could definitely see myself living there. I spend 25 days in Japan and for me it was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. During my holiday I went to Tokyo and Kyoto, both amazing cities and walking around here gives you the sensation of looking into the future. Everything is so organized, clean and impressive that I just gazed...