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Travel Blogs Budapest

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Budapest in Hungary

Budapest is a city located in Hungary, Europe.

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Travel Blogs Budapest

Europe » Hungary » Budapest
30 September 2011
Budapest Hungary

Working as a freelancer sometimes implies travelling for the job and this is one of the best parts about it, the freedom and the chance to combine what I do with travelling.

My last trip was a short one though and I spent two days in Budapest in Hungary.

The weather was nice but considering the tight time frame that I had to deal with I did not get to do a lot...

Europe » Hungary » Budapest
01 June 2011
Budapest Hungary

For my business trip to Budapest I stayed at the Bara Hotel and wouldn't exactly recommend it but since everything was arranged at the last moment for a sudden conference me and my collegues were left with little options. The bed was incredibly hard and there was a lot of noise.

As for Budapest as a travel destination I would recommend this city and would love to return maybe with...

Europe » Hungary » Budapest
30 March 2011
Budapest Hungary

In the first week of March me friends and I went on a long weekend trip to Budapest in Hungary. We travelled by train which was a perfect way to travel and departing from Vienna we reached Budapest in about two hours.

We had booked a room at the three star Budapest City Central in the historic centre of the city and stayed in the heart of Budapest the entire stay, simply because...

Europe » Hungary » Budapest
12 November 2010
Budapest Hungary

This tuesday I came banck from a long weekend off spent with my girlfriend in Budapest, Hungary.

I had never been to Hungary before and had heard that Budapest was a beautiful city so we decided to book a weekend deal on the internet.

In Budapest we stayed at Leda Apartments which was amazing and we had our own luxury apartment, which was very clean by the way,...

Europe » Hungary » Budapest
20 March 2010
Looking out over Budapest, Hungary. Budapest

With a group of my friends we decided to make a trip to Budapest, Hungary.

We stayed for about 6 days which was just enough to do some sightseeing but eventough we didn't stay for a long period we did have a great time.

It was great to be away from a while and just relax instead of spend a normal weeks at work or studying for exams.