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Travel Blogs St Petersburg

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St Petersburg in St. Peterburg, Russia

St Petersburg is a city located in Russia, Asia.

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Travel Blogs St Petersburg

Asia » Russia » St Petersburg
13 November 2011
St Petersburg Russia

After spending a night in Dusseldorf my wife and I left for our flight to St Peterburg where we would spend the first 2 days of our stay in Russia.

We love Russia and visited St Petersburg for the first time three years ago as we were invited by some of our friends to join us on a cruise.

This time we planned a couples holiday with just us two to revisit the places...

Asia » Russia » St Petersburg
23 July 2011
St Petersburg Russia

I wanted to add some pictures of the boat tour me and my collegues went on during our stay in St Petersburg and which I forget to write about in my previous travel blog.

This is probably one of the sightseeing tours that I would strongly recommend when visiting St Petersburg because of the great sites along the canals like the gorgeous Church of the Savior on Blood which is of the main tourist attractions in St Petersburg and beautifully situated along the Griboedov Canal.

From the boat you will be able to take pictures through the glass roof which in our case was open because...

Asia » Russia » St Petersburg
22 July 2011
St Petersburg Russia

In May of this year I went to St Petersburg for a seminar from work and myself and three other collegues stayed there for a total of three days. It was my first time to Russia and I found it to be a really fascinating trip. (We flew with Aeroflot Russian Airlines which was a first as well and we had a great flight).

The weather wasn't as great as at the moment so visiting St Petersburg...

Asia » Russia » St Petersburg
16 March 2011
St Petersburg Russia

In February me and my wife enjoyed an unforgettable journey and spend a holiday of ten days in St Petersburg, probably the most fascinating city in Russia as for architectual wonders.

After arriving in St Petersburg we checked in at the Park Inn Hotel, also known as the Pribaltiskaya Hotel but since my Russian isn't what it's used to be I will stick with the Park Inn;)

The Hotel was very nice and the staff polite.

My wife had arranged for all our bookings in St Petersburg and also the guided tours around the city.

Every day we went on a different...

Asia » Russia » St Petersburg
14 October 2010
St Petersburg Russia

Last weekend my friends and I had booked a weekend to St Petersburg. We often go on city trips together just to spend the weekend exploring new places and breaking a week of work.

Especially if you're travelling within Europe or to travel destinations like St Petersburg which are a bit further away but still wel serviced by lowbudget air companies there's no need to pay a lot of...