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Travel Blogs Beijing

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Beijing is a city located in China, Asia.

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Travel Blogs Beijing

Asia » China » Beijing
20 September 2011
Beijing China

At the moment I am in Beijing for an internship in the fashion industry and I am living my experience abroad to the fullest getting to see as much of this beautiful city as possibile.

I would like to share some great things to do in Beijing with everyone so that you make sure you will come here in the near future!

1.I'll start with Beihai Park, an imperial garden...

Asia » China » Beijing
13 September 2011
Beijing China

From Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia we traveled to Beijing in China to view one of the Seven World Wonders with our own eyes; The Chinese Wall.

Of course this wasn't our only stop on the touristic trail and we made a lot of interesting visits to the food markets, the Forbidden City and more beautiful places.

Travelling by train has been such an enlightenment for me personally...

Asia » China » Beijing
16 March 2011
Beijing China

During my eight days in Beijing, where I travelled to for business, I managed to see a lot of this beautiful city and really got a taste of China eventhough my schedule was rather tight.

There's at least one day trip in Beijing that you should sign up for and that's the one to the Beijing Zoo, one of the best places to spot the native panda!

Sure, it has become...

Asia » China » Beijing
25 November 2010
Beijing China

The Beijing Cycling Tour I went on during my stay in China lasted for seven days and was such a surprising way to do sightseeing.

I had never been on a cycling tour before and would recommend it to anyone travelling to Beijing. The cycling tour started in the centre of Beijing, the capital city of China where we visited several important sites.

I joined the other...

Asia » China » Beijing
13 September 2010
Beijing China

From Shanghai we travelled to Beijing, the capital city of China and a very important metropolis in the northern part of the country.

Considering the great distances and the size of a republic like China we decided no to go for a 15 hours road trip to get from Shanghai to Beijing by car but simply hop on a plane.

Beijing lies over 1200 km north of Shanghai and...