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Whitsunday Island Australia

November 29th, 2010

Maybe out of my entire stay in Australia this November my Whitsunday Island trip was the most relaxing and it would definitely win a prize for the Autralia┬┤s most impressive white beaches!

The boat trip to the Whitsundays itself was amazing and once our group had arrived on the spot everyone just stood there at the end of the boat staring and gazing around, we had found paradise!

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The Whitsunday Island Tour I had booked gave us about an hour or two to spend on the island, bath in the turqoise waters and get our Christmas card pictures ready.

Well, let's just say two hours was more than enough turned out..the next morning I had a sunburn that was so severe I had trouble walking so make sure to go to the Whitsundays but bring protection as well because you don't want any trouble in paradise:)

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Travel Tips for Whitsunday Island Australia:

Where to stay in Whitsunday Island: It was a day trip so I stayed in Mackay

What to do in Whitsunday Island: Bring sunscreen with a high protection

Where to eat in Whitsunday Island: The tour had arranged for fresh fruit and a lunch on the boat

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Whitsunday Island Weather

Mostly Cloudy/Windy
20 °C | 68 °F


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Whitsunday Island Australia
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Travel Review

Liked: The beaches are amazing, most beautiful place of the Australia's east coast
Disliked: Well, the sunburn and the anti jellyfish costumes you had to wear if you wanted to get into the water
Trip Rating: Good

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