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Travel Blogs Cape Leveque

Travel Blogs Cape Leveque

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Cape Leveque in Australia

Cape Leveque is a city located in Australia, Oceania.

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Cape Leveque Travel Blogs

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Travel Blogs Cape Leveque

Oceania » Australia » Cape Leveque
10 January 2010
Moving into the mangroves Cape Leveque

A very traditional thing to do in the Kimberley region is to go mud crabbing. Most of the day tours up to Cape Leveque include a visit to the mangroves on the way back to Broome where you will not only observe the art of mud crabbing but have a go yourself as well.

And believe me the name says it all! So there we were in the mud trying not to fall over in our oversized boots in a...

Oceania » Australia » Cape Leveque
10 January 2010
Looking outside the 4wd  Cape Leveque

Cape Leveque is great place to visit if you're staying in Broome. You can either book a daytrip or rent a 4wd and drive up there yourself but if you do make sure you go prepared as it is a long drive.

To get from Broome to Cape Leveque it will take you at least a few hours by car and the best thing is to make some stops on the way. We decided to book a daytrip because we had a normal...

Oceania » Australia » Cape Leveque
10 January 2010
In the mangroves Cape Leveque

During our stay in Broome we decided to book a day tour to the wild and pristine Cape Leveque. I'd read a lot about Cape Leveque on the travel blogs online and was convinced that the place was too good to be true. We arranged the tour through the Broome Visitors Centre and went on tour with Chomley Tours.

After an early pick-up around 7 am we drove off in direction off the red dusty Cape Leveque road. At first we thought that we might have wanted to do the tour by ourselfs ( we rented a 4wd) but after seeing what the driver went trough..:) Better not!

The bumpy road led us to...