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Travel Blogs Chiang Mai

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Chiang Mai in Thailand

Chiang Mai is a city located in Thailand, Asia.

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Travel Blogs Chiang Mai

Asia » Thailand » Chiang Mai
13 June 2011
Chiang Mai Thailand

This is a tour I would really recommend in Chiang Mai because it will take you through the city by bicycle, a great and especially fun way to do sightseeing.

The Colours of Chiang Mai Bicycle Tour lasts about 4 hours and will take you through the southern part of Chiang Mai visiting the temples and other important sites.

I travelled with my wife and we really enjoyed...

Asia » Thailand » Chiang Mai
06 April 2010
Photos of Wat Bupparam, Chiang Mai Chiang Mai

Wat Bupparam is located on busy Tha Phae Road together with the temples of Mahawan and Wat Chetawan.

Unfortunately as soon as we walked on Tha Phae Road it started raining tropical drops and we decided to do a quick tour around the different wats.

Wat Bupparam has a beautiful white and golden chedi and a decorated temple made of teak and decorated in the old Lanna style. The temple was built by Burmese artisans who immigrated to Chiang Mai.

Luckily there was a market at the beginning of the street...

Asia » Thailand » Chiang Mai
03 February 2010
Wat Lam Chang in Chiang Mai Chiang Mai

The temples of Wat Lam Chang and Wat Ban Ping are both located right of Tha Ratchapnakhinai in the eastern part of the old city of Chiang Mai.

These temples might be smaller but have a strong historical value to the city of Chiang Mai. Wat Lam Chang was constructed in the period of King Phaya Mung Rai and is located in an area of the old city where the elephants who once used to transport the king were held. After the contruction of Chiang Mai this wooden area used as a feeding ground for the elephants was turned into a sacred temple ground.

If you take a look around Wat Lam Chang...

Asia » Thailand » Chiang Mai
03 February 2010
Outside Wat Chiang Man Chiang Mai

Wat Chiang Man is the oldest temple in Chiang Mai and located on Tha Ratchaphakhinai that runs from the north eastern part of the old city of Chiang Mai to the south. You can visit the temple between 9 am and 5 pm.

The Wat Chiang Man temple has beautiful red, gold and painted murals which are a symbol to decorate the temple and honor its founding father, Phaya Mengrai.


Asia » Thailand » Chiang Mai
14 January 2010
Houses alongside the railroad Chiang Mai

A good and inexpensive way to travel in Thailand is by train and especially when you have to travel longer distances the night train is a real invention.

To get from Ayutthaya to Chiang Mai we bought some tickets for the night train. We thought nobody would be getting on that train so we bought the tickets the evening before. Unfortunately the train turned out to be fully booked!