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Travel Blogs Kenya

Travel Blogs Kenya

Kenya is a country located in Africa. Kenya's capital is Nairobi and the currency is the Kenyan shilling.

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Map of Kenya
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Travel Blogs Kenya

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Great Masai Mara Camp Stay Kenya

Africa » Kenya » Masai Mara
10 December 2010
Masai Mara Kenya

This August we had a great holiday at the Fig Tree Camp in Kenya with our family and the campground was the perfect base for our safari vacation.

The Fig Tree Camp is located in the northern part of the Masai Mara National Park and the setting is really beautiful. We got actually look into the bush from our balcony and listnen to the sounds of the birds and monkeys.


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Kenya safari packages

Africa » Kenya » Amboseli
17 June 2010
Amboseli Kenya

Kenya is the world's number one wildlife safari travel destination and throughout the year lots and lots of tourists come to Kenya to live their ultimate wildlife experience and enjoy a holiday that sticks with you forever.

There are a lot of different Kenya Safari packages simply because of the many national parks, possible wildlife safari tours and accomdation types.


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From Mombasa to Malindi and Watamu

Africa » Kenya » Mombasa
23 March 2010
Resort with pool area in Mombasa, Kenya. Mombasa

After several trips to what I call the most facinating continent on this planet I had the chance to revisit Africa last November.

I had been on a humanitarian mission to Tanzania where I stayed for three weeks and I also had been to Senegal in 2007 but this time I would finally get to see the amazing country that is Kenya.

I stayed in Mombasa but had the chance...

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Getting to see the real Africa in Kenya

Africa » Kenya » Malindi
18 February 2010
Our bungalow in Kenya Malindi

A travel destination of a lifetime for those who want to spend a relaxing holiday together with their partner or friends. In Kenya you will taste the real African culture and not just bad and shocking things like a lot of television documentaries make you believe.

There are two sides to this country and of you can't deny the poverty and bad conditions some of the locals live in but...

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Wildlife Pictures of the Masai Mara Game Reserve

Africa » Kenya » Masai Mara
10 February 2010
Kenyan Masai village Masai Mara

I made this trip to Kenya in 2005 just after I graduated and the weeks I spend there were amazing and an experience I will never forget. I spend one week on the coast which wasn't that great but the week in the Masai Mara Reserve was the best thing I have ever done.

Staying in the Masai Mara Game Reserve you live so close to nature that even waking up around 5 or 6 am every day...