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January 10th, 2010

During our stay in Broome we decided to book a day tour to the wild and pristine Cape Leveque. I'd read a lot about Cape Leveque on the travel blogs online and was convinced that the place was too good to be true. We arranged the tour through the Broome Visitors Centre and went on tour with Chomley Tours.

After an early pick-up around 7 am we drove off in direction off the red dusty Cape Leveque road. At first we thought that we might have wanted to do the tour by ourselfs ( we rented a 4wd) but after seeing what the driver went trough..:) Better not!

In the mangrovesIn the mangroves

The bumpy road led us to two different Aboriginal Communities at Beagle Bay and Lombadina where we stopped over for some time to walk around and enjoy some morning tea.

Back in the car we continued our tour to the Cape and it sure was a long drive...................fortunately when we arrived there we saw our patience paid off, the place was gorgeous, heaven on earth!

Almost untouched with just a few occasional tourist out there Cape Leveque is one of those places that you just have to see. The white long beaches stretch as far as the eye can see surrounded by white dunes, wild palm trees and shouting sea eagles.

We got some time to explore the beach while our touroperator started to prepare a lovely lunch, included fresh veges, fruit and grilled chicken. jummie!

Chilling after some mud crabbing Chilling after some mud..

After lunch there was some more beach time which we totally didn't mind:)

On our way back Roger our touroperator had one surprise left and as we drove in to the mangroves he explained us that we were going into the mangroves to cath some real mud crabs ourselfs!

Mud crabs on the fireMud crabs on the fire

That was quite an adventure and half of the tour obviously had to give up as we let Vincent, our Aborigine tourguide, give us a hand.

While he catched three crabs a minute we rushed back to the car, covered in mud without a single catch..

We stayed at the mangroves for dinner where the crabs were cooked and we could enjoy a beautiful safari like sunset before heading back to the hotel.

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Travel Pictures of Cape Leveque, Australia

  • In the mangroves In the mangroves
  • Chilling after some mud crabbing Chilling after some mud crabbing
  • Me holding the mud crab Me holding the mud crab
  • Mud crabs on the fire Mud crabs on the fire
  • Driving through the outback Driving through the outback
  • In the back of the jeep In the back of the jeep
  • The tour jeep to Cape Leveque The tour jeep to Cape Leveque
  • Finally arrived at Cape Leveque Finally arrived at Cape Leveque


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