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Travel Blogs Sydney

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Sydney in New South Wales, Australia

Sydney is a city located in Australia, Oceania.

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Travel Blogs Sydney

Oceania » Australia » Sydney
25 October 2011
Sydney Australia

The Sydney Darling Harbour Acquarium is one of the attractions that you have to visit when you're in Sydney as it will show you a completely different standard of zoos and aquariums.

It's not just a great place to visit when you are travelling with kids because me and my boyfriend are both in our twenties and we loved it.

You will be able to see some typical marine...

Oceania » Australia » Sydney
20 July 2011
Sydney Australia

Friends of mine just left this week for a month of backpacking through Australia which made me remember my own trip down under last year so I decided to share some happy moments with you guys.

Eventhough I arrived my myself in Sydney it didn't took me a long time to make friends and before I knew it itineraries changed, destinations were added and I was having a great time with my...

Oceania » Australia » Sydney
07 February 2011
Sydney Australia

I had a great stay in Sydney while I was there last week for work. Sydney is such a beautiful city and every chance I get to sneak out to the big city is well worth the trip along the east coast of Australia.

We had a two-day seminar in the center of Sydney and some other meetings but luckily also enough time to enjoy the great weather.

We had a business lunch...

Oceania » Australia » Sydney
17 December 2010
Sydney Australia

This year is going to be the best Christmas ever, of course since I will be spending it in Sydney, Australia, right on the beach! Two months ago I arrived in Sydney and I still have one month to spend here so I might as well enjoy a real Aussie Christmas.

Sydney so far has been amazing and I will definately return to this beautiful city. What is not to love? The people, it's just...

Oceania » Australia » Sydney
27 October 2010
Sydney Australia

Sydney is without a doubt the coolest and most beautiful city in the world and out my backpacking adventure in Australia I must say this city impressed me the most.

Australia is filled with gorgeous places and interesting sites to visit but Sydney seems to bring that all together in an exciting, modern and at the same time laid back city that keeps on surprising you.