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Rose Festival With My Rose @ Chandigarh

May 21st, 2012

Last year, I went to my uncle’s home, in Chandigarh in the month of February on the occasion of Valentines Day (Feb 14th) to meet my sister-in-law. We pleasantly celebrated that day. As we are basically crazy about colorful flowers and Gardens, she made a plan and told me about the Garden festival of Chandigarh, which is generally held for three days with great joy and enthusiasm during the last week of February.

This is one and only Rose festival in India that held in the beautiful and largest Rose Garden of Chandigarh. Previously Garden festival was also called as Rose festival. Basically this was started to attract people to the Rose Garden of Chandigarh to enjoy the magnificence of the natural flowering. A large number of world famous rose species are exhibited in the Rose garden. And exciting shows like astonishing folk dances, and out standing music performances by celebrities also performed in these three days. Few competitions, flower cutting contests and activities are also organized by the organizers of Garden festival. Few events for children also there like painting competitions. It was a very good opportunity for us to take beautiful photos in that garden.

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Rose Festival With My Rose @ Chandigarh
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