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Harz Hostel Wernigerode
Wernigerode, Germany

Very positive atmosphere at the Harz Hostel, friendly staff, clean spaces and good service, great choice. Five stars

Tannenheim Hotel Boppard
Boppard, Germany

Nice and practical hotel in Boppard with good parking facilities. Our room was tidy, clean and had a nice city view. The Tannenheim Hotel has an ok location but we used our car most of the time to get from one place to another so I wouldn't know about the public transport network. We did see a lot of buses driving around in the city centre so I guess the different attractions are pretty good connected. Four stars

Goldener Schwan Kevelaer
Kevelaer, Germany

We stayed at the Goldener Schwan near the city centre of Kevelaer. The rooms were clean and spacious, a great overall stay. Four stars

Hotel Birkenstern Bad Wildungen
Bad Wildungen, Germany

During our stay in Bad Wildungen we stayed at the Hotel Birkenstern for two weeks. The hotel room had a great view and a lot of information available at the reception desk. Four stars

Hotel Brunnenhof Hanau
Hanau, Germany

Beautiful rooms with a large and comfortable bed and a very helpfull staff. I would recommend the Hotel Brunnenhof. Four stars

Novina Hotel Tillypark Nuremberg
Nuremberg, Germany

Travelling by car I was pleased to see that the Novina Hotel Tillypark had enough parking space around the hotel to park my car. The location is pretty good so when visiting Nuremberg you don't need to drive but you can also walk. The room and service was also good. Four stars

Hotel Munchner Hof Regensburg
Regensburg, Germany

We stayed in Regensburg for 7 days and decided to book ahead at the Hotel Munchner Hof because of the high season period. In the end I was happy we did as the hotel was fully booked upon arrival! We had a pleasent stay and I would definitely book again the next time we visit Regensburg. Four stars

Falken Restaurant & Hotel Baiersbronn
Baiersbronn, Germany

Baiersbronn has a lot of nice hotels and I think the Falken Restaurant & Hotel was one of the many good choices. The room was spacious, clean and had its own kitchenette which was really handy if we wanted to cook something ourselves. I would recommend the Falken Restaurant & Hotel to anybody. Five stars

Kranz Parkhotel Siegburg
Siegburg, Germany

Compliments for the staff at the Kranz Parkhotel in Siegburg. Their customer care service couldn't be better and they helped us plan almost all of our city trips! Five stars

Hotel Royal International Leipzig
Leipzig, Germany

I went to Leipzig on a business trip so my accomodation was already arranged. I stayed at the Hotel Royal International which was a good hotel. My room had a nice view and all the comforts I needed. Four stars

Hotel Lennhof Dortmund
Dortmund, Germany

Dortmund has a lot of nice hotels and I think the Hotel Lennhof was one of the many good choices. The room was spacious, clean and had its own kitchenette which was really handy if we wanted to cook something ourselves. I would recommend the Hotel Lennhof to anybody. Five stars

Seeschloss Hotel Wandlitz
Wandlitz, Germany

Nice hotel with great designed rooms and a beautiful city view. An easy walk to all the attractions of Wandlitz and not too far from all the shops and restaurants either. Four stars

Hotel Vichter Landhaus Stolberg
Stolberg, Germany

For three days the Hotel Vichter Landhaus felt like our second home. The food was great and the room very comfortable with all kinds of facilities. Great stay! Five stars

Hotel & Restaurant Kleinolbersdorf Chemnitz
Chemnitz, Germany

Great option in you want to visit Chemnitz but don't want to stay in a hotel or hostel too far from the city centre. The rooms are clean and well decorated. We stayed at the Hotel & Restaurant Kleinolbersdorf for two days and I would recommend it to other travellers. Four stars

Axxe Motel Weiskirchen Nord Rodgau
Rodgau, Germany

We stayed at the Axxe Motel Weiskirchen Nord near the city centre of Rodgau. The rooms were clean and spacious, a great overall stay. Four stars

Altes Zollhaus Hotel Siegburg
Siegburg, Germany

We spend two weeks in Siegburg and found out about the Altes Zollhaus Hotel from people we met during our holiday. After spending our first two days in a pretty basic hotel we decide to upgrade our stay and move into the Altes Zollhaus Hotel. The room was beautiful with a stunning city view, a large bath room and other facilities. I would definitely book here again! Five stars

Der Obere Wirt zum Queri Hotel Starnberg
Starnberg, Germany

The Der Obere Wirt zum Queri Hotel made my stay in Starnberg perfect! I wanted to surprise my wife with a candle lit dinner and the staff helped me arrange everything which I'll never forget. The room was very nice with a great eye for decoration. Would definitely recommend! Five stars

Hotel Rubirosa Wandlitz
Wandlitz, Germany

We stayed at the Hotel Rubirosa near the city centre of Wandlitz. The rooms were clean and spacious, a great overall stay. Four stars

Holiday Inn Express Airport Bremen
Bremen, Germany

Great hotel, friendly staff and good facilities. Four stars

Galerie Hotel Ostfildern
Ostfildern, Germany

I would recommend staying at the Galerie Hotel in Ostfildern because of its good location and good service. Our room was serviced and cleaned daily which was really pleasent. Four stars