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Travel Blogs India

India is a country located in Asia. India's capital is New Delhi and the currency is the Indian Rupee.

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Travel Blogs India

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Asia » India » Agra
18 May 2010

India is a delightful tourist destination. The exotic land of mountains, beaches, forts, monuments, palaces and a combination of modern and historical buildings. It is a bubbling mix of ethnicity, modernity, adventure, and spirituality. It is a holidayer's dream land where you find different languages, cultures and a rich heritage of people.

Basically India is what you make of it...

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Photos of the streets in Mamallapuram

Asia » India » Mahabalipuram
09 April 2010
Market stand and bananas in Mahabalipuram, India Mahabalipuram

Mamallapuram is an Indian town in the state of Tamil Nadu and completely different than any town I've ever seen.

Walking through the streets of Mamallapuram you don't know where to look and its a strange blend of new images, smells and sounds. As we walk we encounter plastic eating cows making their way through town, kids running around barefooted wearing their Unicef rucksacks,...

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Pictures of the Mysore Palace in India

Asia » India » Mysore
01 April 2010
Panoramic photos of the Mysore Palace Ground. Mysore

Mysore is a city in the state of Karnataka and together with Bangalore a very important touristic drawcard. Mysore is famouse for its rich culture and good silk.

Tourists also come here to experience the famous Dasara festival. But just the amazing Mysore Palace Ground with its beautiful palace and lush gardens.

The Mysore Palace reminds us of the rich past of...

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The night train from Kochi

Asia » India » Kochi
01 April 2010
Panoramic photos of the Nilgiri Hills in Kerala, India. Kochi

The Kerala region in the south of India is beautiful and easily reached by train.

To get to the southern parts of Kerala from Kochi, or Cochin, we had to take the night train and travel along the Nilgiri Mountain Railway which will take you over the Nilgiri Hills and into an amazing green landscape.

The blue train was stuffed with goods, goats and people and people...

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The beauty of the temples in Chennai

Asia » India » Chennai
15 February 2010
Great trip in India Chennai

India might not be an ordinary travel destination but travelling to this amazing country will sure give you an unforgettable experience. You will see a lot of shocking things like the extreme poverty and very bad hygienic conditions but you will also meet the amazing Indian people and some of the most beautiful places in the world.

The hospitality and friendliness of the Indian people...