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Travel Blogs Portugal

Travel Blogs Portugal

Portugal is a country located in Europe. Portugal's capital is Lisbon and the currency is the Euro.

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Travel Blogs Portugal

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Madeira Portugal in May

Europe » Portugal » Madeira
06 May 2011
Madeira Portugal

Madeira in Portugal is home to an extraordinary flora, rugged landscapes, challenging hiking paths, a rich culture and some nice beaches. This time of year but also the summer months are the perfect time to visit Madeira as you will be able to enjoy the nice weather and taste the highlights of local Portuguese cuisine.

Funchal would de the island's largest city and a great place...

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On the Coast in Cascais in Portugal

Europe » Portugal » Cascais
18 March 2011
Cascais Portugal

In November I went on a city trip to Lisbon and while my boyfriend and I were there we rented a car to be able to explore a bit of the coastline in Portugal.

One of the coastal towns we visited was Cascais, a former fishing town located at about 30 km from Lisbon, jusst drive along the Lisboa-Cascais highway, and a great way to spend a weekend away from the city.

Unforunately in Novembere we didn't have the best weather but I could recommend this travel destination in this time of year of of course in summer time.

Cascais has become more touristic over the year...

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Trip to Lisbon Portugal

Europe » Portugal » Lisbon
10 March 2011
Lisbon Portugal

I came back from a trip to Lisbon in Portugal two days ago and it was beautiful. The idea actually came from my mum and she asked me if I wanted to join her on a trip, sure!!

The week spent in Lisbon was a lot of fun and it really is a beautiful city with a gorgeous historical centre. We also had a great time together and really got to know eachother in a different way, I guess that's...

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Family visit in Lisbon Portugal

Europe » Portugal » Lisbon
03 December 2010
Lisbon Portugal

I grew up in Lisbon, Portugal but have studying for two years in Madrid which definately has become my second home but I still try to go back to visit my family as often as possibile.

This year has been rather hectic and I've only been able to travel to Lisbon in March but luckily I'll be spending the Christmas holidays there again.

Lisbon is a very lifely city...

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Bairro, Expo and the Oceanario de Lisbon

Europe » Portugal » Lisbon
09 April 2010
Old canon in Lisbon with a view of the Lisbon Bridge  Lisbon

Lisbon is a beautiful city to visit, the people are friendly and getting around won't cost you a lot. Most of the time we went by taxi and we really didn't spend that much.

One of the popular attractions in Lissabon would the Tower of Belem from where you will have an amazing panorama of the city with its beautiful Lisbon Bridge.

To get to the top there's a steep...