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Travel Blogs Portugal

Travel Blogs Portugal

Portugal is a country located in Europe. Portugal's capital is Lisbon and the currency is the Euro.

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Travel Blogs Portugal

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Restaurant 100 Maneiras Lisbon

Europe » Portugal » Lisboa
19 October 2012
Lisboa Portugal

This restaurant 100 Maneiras in Lisbon is to be found in the Bairro Alto area and can not be missed! The food is amazing and served in ten small courses which are all cooked to perfection with amazing eye for detail.

We celebrated my boyfriends birthday and had such a lovely night:)

The staff even surprised him with an extra desert which was not something we had planned.


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Weekend in Lissabon

Europe » Portugal » Lisbon
09 December 2011
Lisbon Portugal

After a TAP flight of two hours me and my husband arrived in Lissabon for a romantic weekend. The flight went very well and the company had a good service on board.

For me it was the first time in Lissabon and I fell in love with its narrow streets and local produce the minute we started sightseeing. The food was amazing and the restaurants so lovely.

The best thing about Lissabon is its great varieties of places to visit from the historical centre to panoramic views from Castelo de São Jorge, the elevador de Santa Justa and visits to nearby Cascais (boca do inferno is gorgeous...

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A weekend in Lovely Lisbon

Europe » Portugal » Lisbon
04 November 2011
Lisbon Portugal

I'm back from a lovely weekend in Lisbon spent with my husband and our 2-year old daughter. We stayed at the gorgeous Eurostars Das Letras Hotel and had a beautiful room and an breakfast included deal which was perfect in the morning before getting out and about in Lisbon.

The idea for a weekend away from home was rather impulsive and we just found a good flight so we decided to...

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Great Hotel in Portimao Algarve Portugal

Europe » Portugal » Portimao
15 July 2011
Portimao Portugal

Me and my husband travelled to Italy almost every year but this year we decided to spend our holidays in the Region of Algarve on the southern coast of Portugal known as one of the most beautiful parts of the country.

We stayed at the Santa Catarina Algarve Hotel in Portimao which is located in the District of Faro so that would be the airport you'll arrive at. The hotel was great...

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Lisbon City Tour

Europe » Portugal » Lisbon
25 May 2011
Lisbon Portugal

My trip to Lisbon was amazing! Together with my best friend we decided to take this trip to Portugal since we both had never been there and had heard so many good things about it like the food, the weather and the people.

It was a great week and we tried to stuff all the info we had into a Lisbon city tour and started walking. The best thing was exploring the small alleys and neighbourhoods...