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Travel Blogs Bangkok

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Bangkok is a city located in Thailand, Asia.

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Travel Blogs Bangkok

Asia » Thailand » Bangkok
05 May 2012
Bangkok Thailand

Our holiday in Thailand kicked off in the capital city Bangkok which is a crazy place but definitely one of the cities that I love best. There is just always something going on, you can dine or eat out until late in the evening and the nightlife is amazing.

We stayed at the Eastin Hotel for four days and had a very good stay. The best part was the rooftop terrace with a view over...

Asia » Thailand » Bangkok
01 August 2011
Bangkok Thailand

Our trip in Thailand took me and my wife from Bangkok where we stayed for 5 days to Kanchanburi and Chiang Mai in the norhern part of the country.

Bangkok was really nice and vibrant with beautiful sights and it was very refreshing to visit the northern cities as well because of their more rural landscapes and friendly people.

We visited a Mon Village on the River...

Asia » Thailand » Bangkok
15 July 2011
Bangkok Thailand

As a hostess it's pretty common for me to stay a few days with my crew in a certain place before flying back home so I'll share my last stay in Bangkok with you guys.

Bangkok is always crazy but I always love being there because of the kind people, the good food and the great shopping. What I would suggest doing while on a holiday in Bangkok depends a little bit on the time you have to spend there but at least go for a boat tour on the Chao Phraya River from where you can get a great look at some of the most beautiful temples in Bangkok like Wat Aruna and the Grand Palace.


Asia » Thailand » Bangkok
29 March 2011
Bangkok Thailand

Bangkok has a lot of nice places to visit but one of my favourites is definately the Grand Palace because of its greatness, beautiful temples and serenity.

I have been to Bangkok a few times now, both for work as on a holiday and I always have to return here.

I still remember the first time I went to Bangkok and could'nt close my eyes for a second with all that was going on on every street corner.

The colorful motorcycles, the food stalls selling pad thai, the flashy skytrain above my head, smells of spices and fresh flowers; it was love at first sight. Packed...

Asia » Thailand » Bangkok
08 March 2011
Bangkok Thailand

Two weeks ago I came back from an amazing travel journey and together with two very good friends I have travelled through my favourite part of Asia, Southeast Asia.

From London we took our flight to Bangkok, the City of Angels, or as you walk over backpackers paradise street Khao San Road more likely to be called the City that never sleeps!

Khao San Road is a curious...