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May 27th, 2012

I went on a trip to Nelsons Bay and Lemon Tree Passage. I stayed at Lemon Tree Passage Motel and it was the worst stay ever. The bed was horrible! My husbands back was hurting so much and there were other beds in the room so he decided to try to see if they were any better (which they were not)...then we get an unauthorised transaction on our credit card charging us more then what price the room was initially decided on.

I phoned the lady at the desk as soon as i seen the transaction and she tells me to talk to the owner but doesnt give me the number and hangs up. What kind of service is this! I was furious and will never stay at Lemon Tree Motel again! Horrible stay, horrible service and horrible people!!!!

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Age: 26-33
Travel type: Couples vacation

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Continent: Oceania
Country: Australia
City: Lemon Tree Passage
Period: May 2012
Lenght of stay: 1 day
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Liked: Nothing in the hotel
Disliked: Service, Hidden Charges, Bed
Trip Rating: Terrible

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