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August 15th, 2013

This blog will be an introduction to my upcoming safari trip to Tanzania where me and my boyfriend will spend 8 exciting days between the most beautiful national parks of Northern Tanzania, can't wait!

Of course before heading there, two weeks from now, we had, and still have, to make some essential preparations to be completely Tanzania and Zanzibar ready;)

Tarangire TreetopsTarangire Treetops

Besides the visa and vaccinations there turned out to be quite some things to buy and stuff up on! What about safari gear..We had just entered a world completely new to us and stumbled upon zipp off trousers, hiking shoes, fleece jackets and rain poncho's. Sure you could also just pack your usual holiday clothing but this is Africa you know!

Long sleeves and extra insect repellent to battle malaria seems to be just as important as taking the anti-malaria medication in the first place. Then of course you have your antihistamine tablets for sudden allergies, anti-dhiarrea tablets for..well we all know where those are for.., anti motion sickness tablets for bumpy jeep rides, water purification tablets and more first aid kit things to pack. I'm sure not going to ruin this trip of a lifetime by getting sick on safari so check and.. check!

We booked our Tanzania safari holiday with Elewana which is a great tour operator and offers some amazing options. We decided to go with the Sky Safari package to avoid spending too much time by car and skip these road miles by flying from park to park.

Our international flight will arrive at the Kilimanjaro International Airport in Arusha where our transfer chauffeur will meet us and drive us to our first hotel in, the Arusha Coffee Lodge. We will arrive pretty late in the evening so after check-in I'm sure we will pass out in our room and dream about little lion cubs.

Arusha Coffee LodgeArusha Coffee Lodge

After breakfast the next day we will enjoy a coffee plantation tour and have lunch afterwards. After lunch we will have a transfer to the nearest air strip in Arusha for our first Cessna plane flight straight into the Tarangire National Park.

From the Kuro Air strip in the Tarangire National Park we will drive about three hours to reach the Tarangire Treetops Lodge spending time to spot some wildlife during our first game drive! This lodge will really be something else as the entire hotel has been built in a tree, well a pretty big tree! You have problaby seen these gorgeous and huge Baobab and Marula trees in television as they are characteristic for the african landscape and often shown in documentaries.

Elewana Sky SafariElewana Sky Safari

Upon day 3 the Tarangire National Park will also be the place where we will take off by...balloon! I have always wanted to board a balloon and what better place to look down upon than the impressing African savannah.

From the Tarangire National Park we will fly to Lake Manyara on day 4 and drive to Karatu where we will visit a typical African market and of course the locals of this village.

Serengeti Migration CampSerengeti Migration Camp

From Karatu the road takes us to The Manor, our next accomodation and a very cute Cape-Dutch style farm house which lies within the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. This accomodation has received some amazing reviews so we are really curious about it. The owners even have a horse stable where the guests can ride their horses but considering my horrible experiences with horse rides in the past I will have to think about that one:)

These upcoming two days we will make game drives through the Ngorongoro Crater which is the best place to spot some incredible predators such as lion, big cat but also and with a lot of luck the black rhino.There are about 3,610 Black Rhino still left in the wild, but it has been estimated that there were about 70,000 in the late 1960s. Tanzania is still one of the best places to spot them so let's cross our fingers!

From the Ngorongoro Area we will fly into the Serengeti plains on day 6 where we will stay at the Serengeti Migration Camp to spend our last days enjoying the world's best national park. As far as wildlife viewing goes you probably could not be at a better place!

We decided to book a beach stay as well to prolong our holiday in Tanzania so instead of flying back home on Day 8 we will head to the beautiful spice island of Zanzibar where we will have time to think over this incredible experience. From the Serengeti we will hop on the Cessna plane (these seat to up about 9 people so really comfortable) to make a stop in Arusha and switch planes to get to Stonetown which is the capital of Zanzibar Island.

Zanzibar is a muslim island in the Indian Ocean and even though the weather will be great it is very important to cover up and respect local culture while there. As for women, pack some long skirts or dresses and long sleeves to cover up any skin. I also will bring a scarf to be able to cover up my hair or show respect when necessary.

The hotel where we will stay for the last 4 days of our holiday is the fabulous Kilindi which will definitely be the most beautiful hotel we have stayed at so far and I won't be wrong;)

The pavilions of the resort are placed right upon the beach with spacious rooms and outdoors areas. The bathroom has wide-arched glassless windows so while brushing your teeth you could look out over the Indian Ocean and even reach through the window. I have heard they even got wifi...could that be too good to be true?

Well, so this is the master plan for our Tanzania Experience, can't wait to blog more and share the pictures!

Hakuna Matata

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Travel Tips for Arusha Tanzania:

Where to stay in Arusha: Arusha Coffee Lodge, Tarangire Treetops, The Manor, Serengeti Migration Camp, Kilindi Zanzibar

What to do in Arusha: Relax and pack enough memory cards for our camera!!!

Where to eat in Arusha: All-in so no worries:)

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  • Tarangire Treetops Tarangire Treetops
  • Arusha Coffee Lodge Arusha Coffee Lodge
  • The Manor @ Ngorongoro The Manor @ Ngorongoro
  • Elewana Sky Safari Elewana Sky Safari
  • Serengeti Migration Camp Serengeti Migration Camp


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