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Travel Blogs Zanzibar City

Travel Blogs Zanzibar City

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Zanzibar City in Zanzibar West, Tanzania

Zanzibar City is a city located in Tanzania, Africa.

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Zanzibar City Travel Blogs

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Travel Blogs Zanzibar City

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar City
13 October 2011
Zanzibar City Tanzania

What a dream holiday! We have spend an incredible two weeks in Tanzania combining a safari holiday with a beach holiday in Zanzibar where we stayed at the fanbulous Essque Zalu Zanzibar Resort.

Words won't describe this picture perfect destination and we felt so blessed that we could have this experience and enjoy all the beauty that Tanzania has to offer.

I dedicated...

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar City
21 November 2010
Zanzibar City Tanzania

Zanzibar Island, the best place in Africa! What a holiday of complete relaxation and luxury..We spend 14 days at the Karafuu Hotel Beach Resort and didn't want to leave!

This amazing beach resort is located on the west coast of Zanzibar and lies north of Zanzibar City, a perfect location on the beach but just a ride away from the town centre.

The Hotel itself was...

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar City
19 March 2010
The beach of Kiwengwa in Zanzibar. Zanzibar City

In 2004 I went to Zanzibar, an amazing island in Tanzania, to work at the Bravo Club Resort which is located on the beach of Kiwengwa.

The whole experience was amazing and Zanzibar really is like a paradise on earth with its white beaches, crystal clear waters and beautiful green palms. It all seemed to good to be true!

I worked in Tanzania for about five month...