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Rome in Lazio, Italy

Rome is a city located in Italy, Europe.

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Travel Blogs Rome

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07 May 2014
Fresh Smoothies and the Best Vines in San Lorenzo Rome

During our 2 week stay in Rome we discovered different areas and neighbourhoods of the eternal city and San Lorenzo is one of those great places that you should visit.

San Lorenzo is known for its punk rocky feel as the student neighbourhood of Rome being close to the La Sapienza University and the Central Station of Termini; a top location for students to cluster together and bar owners to cater to the hungriest.

Walking across Rome we discovered this recently openend friggitoria, or 'friend foods' restaurant but I'm sure that translation does not cover the tasty Italian meaning...

Europe » Italy » Rome
25 January 2012
Rome Italy

One of the restaurants in Rome that I would like to suggest in the centre is Orso 80 a great trattoria, or hostaria like the sign outside the restaurant read with real italian food.

They had great found, excellent service and we were given bread and fritters from the owner which was really generous.

I added some pictures of the lobster spaghetti which we ordered in two and was truly delicous. Right in the centre of Rome Orso 80 is great...

Europe » Italy » Rome
25 January 2012
Rome Italy

During our holiday in Rome we stayed at this excellent H10 Hotel. We booked the hotel online and had found a great dealing, paying just 55 euro's per night. On tripadvisor the hotel had nothing but good reviews except maybe for the location which we didn't even find to be that bad.

The hotel was very modern, design hotel and very clean with excellent service and staff. Hotel parking is possibile at a cost of 12 euro's a day but there was enough parking space outside, just in front of the hotel as well.

If you're travelling by car this is the perfect hotel to stay at in Rome and...

Europe » Italy » Rome
04 April 2011
Rome Italy

Earlier this year I also went to Rome with a couple of friends, just to enjoy a little holiday. Rome is the perfect city if you ask me and especially in the historic centre there's just so much to see.

We had a great time and a lot of fun flirting with the carabinieri police officers, shopping and of course eating our way through Rome!

We had some amazing pizza...

Europe » Italy » Rome
09 November 2010
Rome Italy

In October me and my husband went on a holiday to Rome, the capital city of Italy and probably one of the most impressive places within Europe.

The historic centre of Rome was the place we could call our home for seven days and did we love it!

Eventhough Rome has a lot of interesting neighbourhoods you could easily fill a one week holiday just by exploring the centre with its many pittoresque streets, mindblowing monuments and impressive remains.

Finally I got to see Roman masterpieces like the Colosseum and the Fontana di Trevi, sites every self respecting...