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June 28th, 2010

What to say? I had the opportunity to live in Rome for more than 5 years, and always loved it. Now that I went back to Rome, just for 4 days and for business, I chose to book an apartment (I was with my family), in via Cavour, and discovered how beautiful this area is. We had the view of the Colosseum right out of our gate. Of course the option of booking a hotel had been considered, but I wasn't very keen on the prices and also I have children, and needed to be comfortable with them, something that in a hotel is almost impossible! And I must say that was quite happy with my choice.

We really enjoyed the Colosseum and its sorrounding, but most of all we enjoyed the walks behind the Colosseum, parallel to I Fori Imperiali, going through all those tiny, winding roads between all these antique buildings, by passing bars, tabaccherie, small shops, stopping every now and then in front of an interesting window, a gelateria or a pizza a taglio. That is something that only Rome has! So, my advice is: don't just go for the normal streets that everyone follows. Try and take the small mysterious ones and explore!

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Travel Tips for Rome Italy:

Where to stay in Rome: As I said, I advice to consider booking an apartment. I found mine through and was very happy.

What to do in Rome: Look upwards when strolling along the small streets. You will really like what you will see. Eat, eat and eat! Gelati, pizza a taglio, go to the "salumerie" and ask for pizza bianca e mortadella. It is so good!

Where to eat in Rome: In general if you see lots of italian and very few tourists, then go in! Never stay in those places that have tourist menu's for they generally are bad...


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My Special Rome
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Liked: The small winding roads that were all over, taking you to different churches, small ones, or pretty piazzas were you would see only italians.
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Trip Rating: Excellent

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