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Skiing in Mayrhofen, Austria

January 30th, 2010

I went skiiing in Mayrhofen for three days. The trip from Holland was very good, it takes just 8 hours. Mayrhofen is a very good area to ski for a little professional skiier.

There is a black piste, called HARAKIRI, it's the most difficult piste from whole Austria. (I didn't take it, haha)

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The apres-ski is very nice!

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Where to stay in Mayrhofen: Appartement Bruger: 1 year old appartements, very nice. We stayed there with 10 people in 1 appartement

What to do in Mayrhofen: Just ski and apres-ski! And eat warm apfel-strudel with vanilla sauce!

Where to eat in Mayrhofen: -

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  • Skiing in Mayrhofen Skiing in Mayrhofen
  • Pictures of ski trip in Austria Pictures of ski trip in Austria


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14 °C | 57.2 °F


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Skiing in Mayrhofen, Austria
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