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Travel Blogs New York

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Travel Blogs New York

19 October 2011
New York United States

Autumn is a great time to visit New York as there will be less tourists than in September or December and you can enjoy the changing of the seasons in the best city in the world!

I travelled to New York in the second week of October so before the Halloween rush and I guess booking your stay will already cost a lot more at the moment.

Maybe New York is always pretty...

22 September 2011
New York United States

At the end of summer I went on an organized trip to USA and Canada with my best friend and his older sister.

We had found a travel package on the internet including a road trip along the eastern coast of the US and crossing borders into Canada and were really excited about the itinerary and after some thinking we went with it!

Basically the trip included all the...

14 September 2011
New York United States

Just came across the travel blog of JeanineUS and as soon as I saw the pictures of her trip to M&M World in London it reminded me of my amazing time in New York this month and decided to share mine as well.

Besides m&m world I had 8 days to explore with my brother who actually moved to New York for his modelling career and took a week off to show me around in the Big Apple.

I loved it all, the Big Apple and the smaller Apple Store as well, see pictures:)

We even made a boat trip to the Statue of Liberty which was a great experience. Lucky...

25 August 2011
New York United States

I spent my 30th in New York and enjoyed the Big Apple for a week together with my boyfriend who had arranged for the whole stay.

We had a nice flight with Delta Airlines and in New York we stayed at the Pennsylvania Hotel which was fine and had a very good location to do sightseeing.

I loved Central Park and actually I really liked Midtown NY in general, it was packed with cool places to visit, interesting museums to go to and you will simply never be bored.

On my birthday we took the ferry ride to Ellis Island and went to see the Statue of Liberty. At night...

31 July 2011
New York United States

This blog will be short since almost every single person that I know has already been to New York but I still wanted to share the awesomeness of the Big Apple so therefor I decided to fill you guys in on my stay there.

Four days for me was a good amount of days and less would probably be not enough to really enjoy the city's great sites. On the other hand maybe a few days extra in...