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Travel Blogs Bryce Canyon

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Bryce Canyon in Utah, United States

Bryce Canyon is a city located in United States, North America.

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Travel Blogs Bryce Canyon

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13 July 2010
Bryce Canyon United States

While the Arches National Park is located in the southeastern part of Utah the Bryce Canyon National Park can be found in the southwestern part of Utah.

Whereas the first is world famous for its arches the major drawcard of the Bryce Canyon National Park is its natural amphitheatre with pointy rockformations, also known as hoodoos, which are formed due to erosion of the rocks found alongside the plateau.

We choose to do the Navajo Loop Hike which is a 1-2 hours hike through the Bryce Canyon National Park and one of the eight hiking tracks that you can follow on a map through the...