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Travel Blogs Rurrenabaque

Travel Blogs Rurrenabaque

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Rurrenabaque in El Beni, Bolivia

Rurrenabaque is a city located in Bolivia, South America.

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Rurrenabaque Travel Blogs

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Travel Blogs Rurrenabaque

South America » Bolivia » Rurrenabaque
07 February 2011
Rurrenabaque Bolivia

Bolivia is a beautiful country to travel to and if you do you must take a trip to the Rurrenabaque area for that popular and today pretty touristic pampas tour.

As soon as your guide takes off you will forget completely about the other travellers behind you as there is so much to see!

It´s an amazing way to observe great wildlife like wild monkeys, birdlife and...

South America » Bolivia » Rurrenabaque
31 March 2010
Photos of the piranha's we catched in the pampas. Rurrenabaque

Rurrenabaque is a small town in the North of Bolivia and a great place to stay if you want to visit the Bolivian rainforest and the surrouding pampas or bush and swamp area.

You can explore the pampas on a guided tour which includes a boat ride through the canals.

From La Paz you can reach Rurrenabaque by bus or airplane but you shouldn't expect too much of the...

South America » Bolivia » Rurrenabaque
04 January 2010
Walking through the bush in Bolivia Rurrenabaque

From La Paz in Bolivia we travelled to Rurrenabaque to explore the jungle! Our initial plan was to fly between La Paz and Rurrenabaque but we ended up in a 4wd which wasn't too bad at all because the scenery is fantastic.

Just travel along the Death Road and that's no made up name..Eventhough the route was pretty tricky I have to admit its a true scenic drive with beautiul views...