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Travel Blogs Lesotho

Travel Blogs Lesotho

Lesotho is a country located in Africa. Lesotho's capital is Maseru and the currency is the Loti.

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Map of Lesotho
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Nazareth - Volunteer Project in Lesotho

Travel Blogs Lesotho

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Volunteer Project in Lesotho

Africa » Lesotho » Nazareth
08 April 2011
Nazareth Lesotho

The mountainous area of western Lesotho might not seem the ordinary travel destination but somehow I managed to spend the last three months of my life living in definately the most primitive place I have ever visited.

The village where I stayed during my volunteer work in Lesotho is called Nazareth and is located near the capital city of Maseru close to the border between Lesotho...