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Travel Blogs Mexico

Mexico is a country located in North America. Mexico's capital is Mexico City and the currency is the Mexican Peso.

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Travel Blogs Mexico

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Holiday in Mazatlan

North America » Mexico » Mazatlan
05 June 2012
Mazatlan Mexico

Located on the Pacific Coast Mazatlan is the perfect holiday destination where both the city as the beaches have a lot to offer.

The Las Olas Altas Beach is the best known beach in Mazatlan and is close to the historical center of the city and the boardwalk is a popular place to enjoy the coastal views by night as locals enjoy being outside in Mazatlan and take their entire families...

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Manzanillo Boat Tours

North America » Mexico » Manzanillo
05 June 2012
Manzanillo Mexico

From Colima we also visited the beautiful beaches of Manzanillo and the boat tours we went on were almost magical..

Being able to go to sleep on a deserted island after dining and chatting besides a large fire underneath the palm trees and the whole beauty of this place was just so special.

During the day we went on boat trips along the coast and had the best...

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Three months in Colima

North America » Mexico » Colima
05 June 2012
Colima Mexico

In March I arrived in Colima for a three month internship at the Casa San Jose de los Huerfanos where I started working as a volunteer together with a great team of enthusiastic young people who soon became like my family.

The city of Colima was a great location for me to stay and in the weekends we even had time to make little trips to places like Manzanillo and the beautiful Puerto Vallarta where we enjoyed the amazing beaches and marine life.

The experience of working at the orphanage in Colima really changed my perspective on a lot of things and it was an incredible travel...

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Beach Holiday in Playa del Carmen

North America » Mexico » Playa del Carmen
22 June 2011
Playa del Carmen Mexico

This was one crazy holiday spent with my girlfriend and two other couples, all friends. We stayed at the Riu Hotel Yucatan in Playa del Carmen and eventhough it wasn't that bad I wouldn't stay here again on a second trip to Mexico because the staff simply wasn't friendly or helpful.

We had a lot of fun and Playa del Carmen is the best place for young people because there are lot of activities and a great nightlife scene.

After a lazy day on the beach we went out for dinner ( don't worry there are a million different restaurants in Playa del Carmen) and clubbing after that.


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Flamingo Tour in Yucatan Mexico

North America » Mexico » Celestun
16 December 2010
Celestun Mexico

My travel adventure in Mexico started in Cancun from where I headed to Merida and Celestun in Yucatan. Compared to Cancun, Celestun is just a breath of fresh air and even if you would want more than that this is what this coastal town has got to offer, natural beauty and nothing but peace of mind.

I'll probably write about Cancun and Merida later on but first some more about Celestun....