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Yerevan, Armenia
Norki Aiginer 235 1

Located in the most enjoyable part of Yerevan, HOTEL REGINEH with its modern and elegant facilities is a prestigious and comfortable place where to spend a pleasant stay. Combining Armenian generosity with professional service standards and modern design, the hotel stands as one of the finest hotels in Yerevan.
Price: From 22,830.43 AMD per night

Yerevan, Armenia
71 Tsitsernakaberd Highway

Master Class Hotel, situated in the area of Master class club is irreplaceable for the sportsmen and especially for professional and amateur tennis players. Taking into account that all international tournaments in Armenia take place in this club, foreign guests will gain an opportunity to train, take part in the competitions and live in the same place.
Price: From 43,489.52 AMD per night

Yerevan, Armenia
7 Argishti Str

Moscow House Hotel is situated in the heart of Yerevan, in front of the City Hall surrounded by parks, theaters and Embassies of France, Russia and Italy. Moscow House Hotel has 11 elegantly furnished spacious hotel rooms with air-conditioning, satellite TV and Internet connection.
Price: From 64,727.92 AMD per night